Yaka 5 GmbH - Engineering IT Solutions

Yaka 5 GmbH answers real business and technological challenges through innovation and deep industry knowledge. We understand technology is a tool for enabling, optimizing and streamling business processes.

Our Solutions

  • Process is Key

    Extensive project experience with Agile & Top-Down process models. Regolatory norms e.g. EN50128 applied for railway homologation.

  • Turnkey Solutions

    We make sure our contribution adds business value for our clients. All open issues are addressed with a solution based approach.

  • People & Frameworks

    We build on best practices and refined approach to fit the client's landscape. People and established Frameworks are our foundation.

  • Robust & Reliable

    Zero Deployment! Zero Administration! Zero Downtime! Our solutions are built to be Robust & Reliable. Major focus on Total Cost of Ownership.

Our References

  • Deutsche Bahn

    On board integration platform for complete fleet of German ICE long distance trains for seamless process integration with backoffice systems.

  • Siemens AG

    Adapted next generation Computer Telephony Integration Solution, HiPath, for the modern working environment.

  • 1 und 1

    Migrated Database Centric workflows to Enterprise grade platfom for scalability, reliability and extensibility.

  • Heartmath

    Developed solution for rendering global activity data on the web based on metrics mined from Big Data.

  • Startext

    IT Solution for documenting and securing the underground water piping layout for the city of Berlin, Germany.

Java & Cloud Centric Solutions

Yaka 5 GmbH employs mainly Java based technolgies and toolsets for solutions implementation.
Java is Oracle's solution set which has matured over the last 20 years to become the de facto standard for enterprise applications

  • Standards
  • Lifecycle
  • Progressive
  • Versioning
  • Cloud

Picking the right process and toolset from today's technology landscape may be overwhelming. From sleek progressive applications to heavy duty, cloud hosted enterprise applications with data mining present a challenge beyond software implementation. Mixing and matching technologies, platforms and service offerings is the core competence of Yaka 5 GmbH. We set up process, delivery, operations and life cycle management with available technologies to help achive your business goals.