• Yaka 5 GmbH

    Yaka 5 GmbH is 100% focused on creating added value for clients by employing technology as a tool to drive innovation and stramline processes. Over 15 years of experience gathered from projects implemented across a broad range of markets while addressing the most challenging issues.

  • Enterprise IT & Logistics

    Enterprise processes and integration should be driven by IT solutions adapted for the business domain in order to achieve a competitive advantage. Yaka 5 GmbH advises and implements holistic solutions for the strategic IT challenges and establish IT as the key driver for the commercial success of the entire business.

  • Java Centric Solutions

    Yaka 5 GmbH uses mainly Java based technolgies as a tool for solutions implementation. Java is Oracle's solution set which has matured over nearly 20 years to become the de facto standard for enterprise applications.

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Process is Key

Extensive project experience with Agile & Top-Down process models. Regolatory norms e.g. EN50128 applied for homologation.

Turnkey Solutions

We make sure our contribution adds business value for our clients. All open issues are addressed with a solution based approach.

Best Practices & Frameworks

We build on best practices and refined approach to fit the client's landscape. People and established Frameworks are our foundation.

Robust & Reliable

Zero Deployment! Zero Administration! Zero Downtime! Our solutions are built to be Robust & Reliable. Major focus on Total Cost of Ownership.

Our References

Our track record is marked by a subset of our project and client references.